WGAB 2022 Gesamtband Plapper
Improving Sustainability of Footwear Production through 3D Printing of Shoes
WGAB 2022 Gesamtband Plapper
Enhancing digital transformation in SMEs with a multi-stakeholder approach – Implications from a socio-technical systems perspective
WGAB 2022 Gesamtband Plapper
Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production – How could algae based sink technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?
Successfully developing workplace-related skills using digital assistance systems
This is how we learn A Best Practice Case of Qualification in SMEs for Work 4.0 - A Best Practice Case of Qualification in SMEs for Work 4.0
Transdisciplinary competence development for role models in data-driven value creation - The Citizen Data Scientist in the Centre of Industrial Data Science Teams
Virtual Reality Training Applications in Industry - Towards a User-friendly Application Design
AI-supported assistance systems in enterprise learning processes - prospects and limitations
Change in competence requirements due to the pandemic-related change in work organisation - A learning factory approach on machine learning in production companies
A Learning Assistance System for the Ergonomic Behavioural Prevention in Production
How a learning factory approach can help to increase the un- derstanding of the application of machine learning on production planning and control tasks.
Competence Development within Hybrid Value Creation - Need-based Competence Development for the Successful Implementation of Hybrid, Data-Driven Business Models
Collaborative Approaches for Self-Organized Competence Development
Towards a maturity model of human-centered AI – A reference for AI implementation at the workplace
Developing competencies for collaborative work settings in a virtual simulation laboratory - Training approach and performance measurement
Workplace-integrated assistance systems conducive to learning designed for production
A Modular Federated Learning Architecture for Integration of AI-enhanced Assistance in Industrial Maintenance - A novel architecture for enhancing industrial maintenance management systems in the automotive and semiconductor industry.
Neuro-adaptive tutoring systems - Neurophysiological-based recognition of affective-emotional and cognitive states of learners for intelligent neuro-adaptive tutoring systems
Human-Centered Development and Evaluation of an AR-Assistance System to Support Maintenance and Service Operations at LNG Ship Valves
Assistance systems in learning factories - A systematizing overview and case studies
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