Smart, Sustainable and Socially Valuable: How Digital Textile Microfactories can Contribute to a Brighter Future
Advancing Medical Resident Scheduling
Navigating Ecosystem Virtuality
Green Digital Twins in the Product Life Cycle
WGAB 2022 Gesamtband Plapper
Improving Sustainability of Footwear Production through 3D Printing of Shoes
WGAB 2022 Gesamtband Plapper
Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production – How could algae based sink technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?
Successfully developing workplace-related skills using digital assistance systems
This is how we learn A Best Practice Case of Qualification in SMEs for Work 4.0 - A Best Practice Case of Qualification in SMEs for Work 4.0
Transdisciplinary competence development for role models in data-driven value creation - The Citizen Data Scientist in the Centre of Industrial Data Science Teams
Virtual Reality Training Applications in Industry - Towards a User-friendly Application Design
AI-supported assistance systems in enterprise learning processes - prospects and limitations
Change in competence requirements due to the pandemic-related change in work organisation - A learning factory approach on machine learning in production companies
A Learning Assistance System for the Ergonomic Behavioural Prevention in Production
How a learning factory approach can help to increase the un- derstanding of the application of machine learning on production planning and control tasks.
Competence Development within Hybrid Value Creation - Need-based Competence Development for the Successful Implementation of Hybrid, Data-Driven Business Models
Collaborative Approaches for Self-Organized Competence Development
Towards a maturity model of human-centered AI – A reference for AI implementation at the workplace
Developing competencies for collaborative work settings in a virtual simulation laboratory - Training approach and performance measurement
Workplace-integrated assistance systems conducive to learning designed for production
A Modular Federated Learning Architecture for Integration of AI-enhanced Assistance in Industrial Maintenance - A novel architecture for enhancing industrial maintenance management systems in the automotive and semiconductor industry.
Neuro-adaptive tutoring systems - Neurophysiological-based recognition of affective-emotional and cognitive states of learners for intelligent neuro-adaptive tutoring systems
Human-Centered Development and Evaluation of an AR-Assistance System to Support Maintenance and Service Operations at LNG Ship Valves
Assistance systems in learning factories - A systematizing overview and case studies
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