Entwicklungen, Chancen und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung

Band 1: Proceedings der 15. Internationalen Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik 2020  

Gronau, N., Heine, M., Krasnova, H., Pousttchi, K. (Hrsg.)

Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. Potsdam



AI-based Systems – User Interaction, Design and Methods

Oracle or Teacher? A Systematic Overview of Research on Interactive Labeling for Machine Learning

A Moral Consensus Mechanism for Autonomous Driving: Towards a Law-compliant Basis of Logic Programming

Developing Purposeful AI Use Cases – A Structured Method and Its Application in Project Management  

Opening the Black Box: How to Design Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Crowdsourcing

Design Patterns based on Deep Learning analyzing Distributed Data

Hybrid Teamwork: Consideration of Teamwork Concepts to Reach Naturalistic Interaction between Humans and Conversational Agents

Trust in Smart Personal Assistants: A Systematic Literature Review and Development of a Research Agenda

Using CNNs to Detect Graphical Representations of Structural Equation Models in IS Papers

Towards Closing the Affordances Gap of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Service Organizations


Blockchain, Kryptowährungen und neue Geschäftsmodelle

Governance of Blockchain-Based Platforms

Decentralized Maintenance Event Documentation with Hyperledger Fabric

Dezentralisierung der Sharing Economy – Potentiale Blockchain-basierter Sharing-Plattformen

Machine Learning for Bitcoin Pricing — A Structured Literature Review

A Consolidated Business Model Canvas of Blockchain- Based FinTech Startups: Evidence from Initial Coin Offerings

Distributed Ledger Technology in the Banking Sector: A Method for the Evaluation of Use Cases

Blockchain Development for Increased Transparency and Novel Incentives Structures with Wearables in mHealth

Handling Concept Drifts in Regression Problems – the Error Intersection Approach


Data Science & Business Analytics

Development of a Conceptual Framework for Machine Learning Applications in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Word-Embedding Benchmarking

Incentive-Compatible Auction Mechanisms for Network Procurement

Die Rolle der mehrschichtigen Netzwerkanalyse im Bereich Social Media Analysis am Beispiel der Identifizierung von Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen

Towards a Taxonomy of Data Heterogeneity

Hybrid Intelligence with Commonality Plots: A First Aid Kit for Domain Experts and a Translation Device for Data Scientists

Design Principles for Explainable Sales Win-Propensity Prediction Systems

Unlocking Transfer Learning in Argumentation Mining: A Domain-Independent Modelling Approach

Towards a Decision Support System for Big Data Projects

From predictive to prescriptive process monitoring: Recommending the next best actions instead of calculating the next most likely events


Digital Education & Knowledge Management

Knowledge Risks in Digital Supply Chains: A Literature Review

Development of Absorptive Capacities through Design Thinking and Design Knowledge in SMEs

Anforderungsanalyse und kritische Erfolgsfaktoren für einen digitalen Studienassistenten

Does Context Matter for Value Co-Creation in Smart Learning Services?

Digital assistance in higher education – requirements for the development of a digital study assistant

Systematische Entwicklung eines Lerntools zur Erhöhung der Argumentationsfähigkeiten von Studierenden

Using Smart Personal Assistants for Online Learning Activities: What benefits can we expect?

Gestaltung eines Behavior Change Support Systems für nachhaltige Wissensdokumentation

Gamified Helping? The Impact of Individualized and Group-Level Cooperative Evaluation on Knowledge Sharing

(Playing) Government beyond Pen & Paper: Conceptualization, Implementation, and Outlook

Implicit Learning in Video Games – Intergroup Contact and Multicultural Competencies


Digital Government

Designing City Center Area Recommendation Systems

Entwicklung eines Referenzprozessmodells für Rettungseinsätze der Feuerwehr und Anwendung als Grundlage eines Prozessassistenzsystems

Spielerisch zum Ziel: Initiale Designprinzipien für die nachhaltige Gestaltung von Smart-Mobility-Apps auf Basis einer Marktanalyse

Was sind Herausforderungen proaktiver Verwaltungsleistungen in Deutschland?

Enriching E-Participation through Augmented Reality: First Results of a Qualitative Study


Digital Health & Well-being

Missing Out on Life: Parental Perceptions of Children’s Mobile Technology Use

A Healthy Lifestyle and the Adverse Impact of its Digitalization: The Dark Side of Using eHealth Technologies

Gamified Information Systems for Assisted Living Facilities – Relevant Design Guidelines, Affordances and Adoption Barriers

Gestaltungsempfehlungen für Augmented-Reality-Applikationen – Ein Anwendungsbeispiel im Gesundheitswesen

Personal Productivity Management in the Digital Age: Measures from Research and Use of Conventional Tools

Paving the Way for Patient Pathways: Synthesizing a User-Centered Method Design with Results from a Systematic Literature Review

A Systematic Literature Review on Antecedents of Workarounds related to Information Systems in Hospitals

Intelligent Systems and Hospitals: Joint Forces in the Name of Health?

How Much Exercise Do You Have to Do to Drink a Glass of Coke? A Health Action Process Approach in Virtual Reality


Digitale Fabriken & Industrie 4.0

Edge Computing: A Comprehensive Survey of Current Initiatives and a Roadmap for a Sustainable Edge Computing Development

Value Stream Model and Notation – Digitale Transformation von Wertströmen

Governance Strategies to Drive Complementary Innovation in IoT Platforms: A Multiple Case Study

Der Mittelstand auf dem Weg zur intelligenten Fabrik:  Adoptionsdeterminanten tragbarer Augmented-Reality-Assistenzsysteme

Design and Implementation of a Decision Support System for Production Scheduling in the Context of Cyber-Physical Systems

Aufbau einer Test- und Integrationsplattform zur Erprobung von Anwendungen der Industrie 4.0


Digitale Innovationen und Entrepreneurship

Embedding Digital Innovations in Organizations: A Typology for Digital Innovation Units

Discovering Core Modules of Platform-based Software Ecosystems for Non-Profit Sport Organizations

Debating Digital Innovation: A Literature Review on Realizing Value from Digital Innovation

Business Model Choice Matters: How Business Models Impact Different Performance Measures of Startups

Digital Innovation Units: Exploring Types, Linking Mechanisms and
Evolution Strategies in Bimodal IT Setups

Practices for Open Business Model Innovation – An Innomediaries Perspective


Digitale Prozesse & Architekturen

Ein Vergleich aktueller Deep-Learning-Architekturen zur Prognose von Prozessverhalten

Blockchain-based Cross-Organizational Execution Framework for Dynamic Integration of Process Collaborations

Evaluating the User Experience of an Augmented Reality Prototype for Enterprise Architecture

Governance of Platform Ecosystems—Designing Understandable Processes for Digital High Street Retail

Towards Tool-Supported Situational Roadmap Development for Business Process Improvement


Digitale Transformation & Geschäftsmodelle

Joining Forces: Understanding Organizational Roles in Inter-organizational Smart Service Systems Engineering

The Future of Grocery Shopping? A Taxonomy-Based Approach to Classify E-Grocery Fulfillment Concepts

Business Strategies for Data Monetization: Deriving Insights from Practice

Customer Data Mapping - A Method for data-driven Service Innovation

Digitalization of Local Owner-Operated Retail Outlets: Between Customer Demand, Competitive Challenge and Business Persistence

The Organizational Design of Digital Innovation Labs: Enabling Ambidexterity to Develop Digital Innovation

Pathways from Data to Value: Identifying Strategic Archetypes of Analytics-Based Services

The Complexity of Digital Transformation – Conceptualizing Multiple Concurrent Initiatives

From Services to Smart Services: Can Service Engineering Methods get Smarter as well?

Design Principles for Route Optimization Business Models: A Grounded Theory Study of User Feedback

Trustworthy AI: How Ethicswashing Undermines
Consumer Trust

When Algorithms Go Shopping: Analyzing Business Models for Highly Autonomous Consumer Buying Agents

Capabilities for Ambidextrous Innovation of Digital Service


Human-Computer Interaction

The Effect of Real-Time Feedback on Indoor Environmental Quality

Adoption of Integrated Voice Assistants in Health Care – Requirements and Design Guidelines

The Effects of Virtual Reality Affordances and Constraints on Negative Group Effects during Brainstorming Sessions

Can Gamification lead to Increase Paid Crowdworkers

Digital Nudging to Increase Usage of Charity Features on
E-Commerce Platforms

Towards Simulation-Based Preplanning for Experimental Analysis of Nudging

Designing a Conversational Agent as a Formative Course Evaluation Tool

Nudging in Judging - Differences in Online Rating Behavior for Utilitarian and
Hedonic Service Aspects

Visualize Different: Towards Researching the Fit Between Taxonomy Visualizations and Taxonomy Tasks


Information Security & Privacy

Confidentiality-preserving Validation of Tax Documents on the Blockchain

The More, the Better? Compensation and Remorse as Data Breach Recovery
Actions – An Experimental Scenario-based Investigation

Einhaltung von Informationssicherheitsvorschriften durch MitarbeiterInnen: Faktoren und Maßnahmen

Mapping the State of Security Standards Mappings

Identification and Influence of Perceived Risks on Smart Speaker Use Behavior


IT-Strategie & -Management

IT Project Member Turnover and Outsourcing Relationship Success: An Inverted-U Effect

Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Different Carbon Tax Levels on Emissions and Costs of Data Centers

Carrot or Stick: Overcoming Silos in Enterprise Architectures

The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Overcoming Socio-Cognitive Inertia During Digital Transformation – A Configurational Perspective

Dynamic Capabilities as the Key Approach to Investigate Digital Ecosystems

All Roads Lead to Burning Rome: Towards a Conceptual Model of IT Project Success

Empowering Data Consumers to Work with Data: Data Documentation for the Enterprise Context


Platforms and the Sharing Economy

Emergence of a Post-App Era – An Exploratory Case Study of the WeChat Mini-Program Ecosystem

Blockchain and Trust in the Platform Economy: The Case of Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Let’s Travel the World Together: Toward an Understanding of Motivational Antecedents in Business Trip Ridesharing Services

Adapting User-Based Vehicle Relocation for ECarsharing

The Trust-Building Nature of Identity Verification in the Sharing Economy: An Online Experiment

‘The Tireless Selling-Machine’ – Commercial Deployment of Social Bots during Black Friday Season on Twitter


Social Media in Business and Society

How Do Social Information Cues Affect Consumers’ Product Choice Experiences? Findings from a Controlled Online Experiment

Sticking with Landlines? Citizens’ Use and Perception of Social Media in Emergencies and Expectations Towards Emergency Services in Germany


Social Media Governance: Analyzing Guidelines Based on the Matching of Intended and Actual Use

Conceptualizing Design Parameters of Online Neighborhood Social Networks

You Write What You Are – Exploring the Relationship between Online Reviewers’ Personality Traits and Their Reviewing Behavior


University-Industry Collaborations

Wie Action Design Research und Design Thinking ein Innovationsprojekt zum Erfolg Führen


Virtualisierung von Arbeit und Unternehmen

AI Recruitment: Explaining job seekers’ acceptance of
automation in human resource management

Does Data-Driven Recruitment Lead to Less Discrimination? – A Technical Perspective

Towards an Understanding of Data’s Influence on Leadership

Stay connected wherever you go - An instrument to measure connectivity

Student Track

Der Einfluss von Matching-Algorithmen auf den Erfolg
einer Dating-App

Review and Systematization of Solutions for 3D Object Detection

Evaluation of Success Factors for Public One-Stop Portals and Integrated Portals: A Literature Review

Intelligentes Entscheidungsunterstützungssystem für Ladevorgänge an Stromtankstellen

The Nature of Customer Experience and its Determinants in the Retail Context: Literature Review

Robotic Process Automation: Hype or Hope?

Multi-Class Detection of Abusive Language Using Automated Machine Learning

Systemakzeptanz digitaler Technologien zur Therapie von Depressionen – die Perspektive der Psychotherapeuten

Ein erweitertes Privacy-Calculus-Modell für
Anwendungen der Blockchain-Technologie

Literature Review Linking Blockchain and Business Process Management

Using Artificial Neural Networks to Derive Process Model Activity Labels from Process Descriptions

Challenges of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication.
Interviews among Industry Experts

A Subscription Service for Automated Communication and Fair Cost Distribution in Collaborative Blockchain-based Business Processes

User Experience of Creativity Support Tools – A Literature Review in a Management Context